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Honest Water Filtration Systems

Andy’s Plumbing and Heating sells and installs the most advanced water filtration systems – Honest Water Filters – throughout the Philadelphia area.


Andy’s Plumbing and Heating sells, installs Honest Water Filters throughout Philadelphia.


Honest Water Filters save your pipes and family’s health

Let’s compare Honest Water Filter systems with outdated, carbon based filtration systems

Honest Water Systems

Mount on the wall to save space

Features carbon block technology so all the water is treated

Environmentally-conscious, uses little to no water

NSF-Certified for system performance

All-natural polyphosphates provide a hard water solution

1-year unconditional warranty on cartridges, lifetime warranty on heads

Traditional Two-tank Systems

Large, clunky and take up space

Has loose carbon which does not necessarily treat all the water

Uses up to 500 gallons a month to backwash

Usually only carries NSF certification for components

May use salt to soften water which requires bags of salt be purchased

Warranty only on tank and components

Did you know…

that Municipal water has 3 main contaminants that harm both bodies and plumbing?

Andy’s Plumbing and Heating sells and installs the most advanced water filtration systems – Honest Water Filters – throughout the Philadelphia area.

Upgrade your water to make it cleaner, safer and better tasting, and save your plumbing, too!

Removes physical contaminants

Removes disinfecting chemicals like Chlorine added by municipal water districts

Sequesters hard water minerals reducing scaling and corrosion on pipes and fixtures

Diamond/Silver Ultra-Filter System

Learn more

Silver Plus With Defender System

Learn more

Titanium Under Sink System

Learn more

Honest Water Filter Systems have been NSF-Certified for system performance

One year warranty on cartridges

One year warranty on cartridges

Space-Saving Design 

Provides a Variety of Mounting Options

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Water is what damages pipes…but why?

How is water deteriorating your metal pipes?

Call to book your Honest Water Filter with Andy’s Plumbing and Heating

Do Honest Water Filters come with a warranty?

Yes. There is a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the media and a limited lifetime warranty on the heads.

Why and how often do I need to change cartridges?

Why are micron ratings important?

How do chloramines differ from chlorine and how does that affect consumers?

Can the Honest Water Filters be mounted outside in warmer climates?

Are bacteria and pathogens becoming more resistant to disinfection?

Are Honest Water Filters Certified?

Is my tap water safe to drink?

Have more questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Testimonials from Clients


Charles Borrelli

Dec 2023

Amazing system and warranty. Cleared up my psoriasis


Chris Koch

Feb 2024

Great product and great people!


Jessica Martens

Dec 2023

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